About Nails Jane

I began working on Nails Jane back in Fall of 2006. I found myself thinking, “I want to write a book that I would want to pull off a shelf and read.”

I sat down and the ideas just flowed from me as I wrote. I had no predetermined plot in mind specifically, but instead drew upon inspiration and influences that kept my general interest. I did not intend to write a book of formulaic structure. I wrestled with narration and point-of-view until I finally settled on the slightly challenging first-person narrative. It was with great delight that I dove into the mind of the main character, Ati, who became very real and 3 dimensional as the story pushed on. I would be lying if I said I did not draw on personal experiences to clearly define Ati, but many of her traits were also scripted specifically for her. She is strong, resourceful, loyal, and fearless. Everything a hero tends to be, so unfortunately there’s little originality behind her redeeming qualities. The originality lies more within the plot structure and the twists and turns of the story, itself.

Interwoven between vast plot points, Nails Jane is decorated with numerous short stories and side plots that relate in some way to the overall main idea. It is within these short stories that narration changes, thus rendering the novel, itself, as unconventional.

The book is action-packed but also poetic in its delivery, distributing descriptive imagery, literary sunbursts of emotion, and disturbances that can simply be described as dark and terrifying. Also, character lists are vast, ranging from our heroine, Ati, to a barbaric race of aliens, demonic guardians that build planets and create life, violent serpentine colossi, cyborgs, Lovecraftian creatures of deep space, and an entire community of white wolves.

The book is definitely unique and I am proud of the strength it has gained over years and years of editing and re-writing. I do hope that readers will be interested in it, whether they are fans of science fiction, horror, fantasy, or more. It has a little bit of everything…


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