Nails Jane Excerpt (9 to 5 pendulum – some things are scarier than monsters…)

Now, some would argue that the commute was worse than work. On certain days, I’d have to agree. Imagine multiple cadavers lined up in a row, attempting to be somewhere. But wait, they are cadavers. How can they even move? Now imagine yourself pinned in the middle, pushed up against their stiff flesh. Paralyzed. That was the rush hour commute. The dead waited on the highway, staring blankly into the Abyss. Each corpse clung to its Humanity, begging the same thing:

I just want to go home…

However, I realized my commute possibly included others who refused to stay after hours. They were just like me. They tried to get out. They tried to break free. They were people I had never met, never had drinks with, and yet I longed for their company. They were kindred spirits. We all wanted to return home; to get back to reality, back to life, back to that human beneath the business suit; that little, hairless ape, flawed and playful in its design. Wasn’t that all we really were? We didn’t want to push papers. But long did we cower beneath that 9 to 5 pendulum…

Ever threatening.

Ever swinging.


Copyright 2011 Trista DiGiuseppi


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