Nails Jane Excerpt – Frozen Hell; Broken Bones

I need a splint.

I fumbled with my tender arm, in search of some sort of brace. Opening my pack, I surveyed my scavenged materials. The plastic shards from the ship’s seats caught my eye.

These will do.

It would be difficult making a splint with only one, good arm. Nonetheless, I had to try. After removing the vest, I shivered from the shock of cold air. Then, I set the plastic shards in my lap. Positioning my injured arm on top of the plastic, it faced upward. Then, sandwiching the other piece of plastic over the injured arm, I wrapped linens around the splint, improvising the knots with the aid of my teeth. My good arm did the tying and my bite managed the pulling. I feared making it too tight and cutting off circulation – my extremities were already numb. I moved the knots around to make sure they were not suffocating my injury.

Pitifully excited that it was still warm, I put my vest back on. Then, I closed up my pack, and struggled to my feet. The winds stopped and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. Basking in a small ration of light, a certainty dawned upon me; darkness is coming soon. The planets of this system had short days. Darkness above and ice below – that was my doom. I realized that this world, Maug’s sister, proved a more worthy death sentence. The Council had never heard of her – but if they had, this icy berth would have been my exile. Not Maug. What a lonely world she was, unforgiving and bitter. Slighted by her measly sun, she benumbed the terrain with her frozen bite. Suspended by frost, dampened from life, this planet densified all fabric of origin.


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