Poetry by Tripp Nichols


In anticipation of The Tales of Times and People in Rhymes, Vol. 1, here are a few poems by the anthology’s first contributor – Tripp Nichols. I have been meeting with Tripp once a week to select poems and talk about artwork. He’s not much of an artist, as you will soon learn (I have an unbelievable anecdote about his drawing skills). I’m no Palbo Picsacco myself, but I can make some goofy sketches to match his work.

Enough talk. Here’s a taste of Tripp Nichols:

Head Bored by Tripp Nichols

I sleep with my head
At the foot of my bed
And my feet at the head
Where my head should instead
Be at rest on the pillow
But I will have you know
My pillow lies down
At the foot of my bed


So when I’m asleep
At the head is my feet
Which tap on the head board
Whenever I am bored
And I get the feeling
Something’s odd with the ceiling


Which leads me to rant
How my room’s at a slant!
And all of the blood
Goes to my head
When I lie upside-down
In my bed

Alphaquit by Tripp Nichols



I’ve written my alphabet wrong
So when you sing the alphabet song
It rhymes for a bit
Then the rhyming just quits
And you think that you’d rather play pong.



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