Nails Jane Illustration: The Hand.

by Trista DiGiuseppi

I now have 11 illustrations for my novel. Most of them are far more detailed than the following illustration that I am about to present. This picture is called “The Hand.” (Very creative title, by the way.)


What is interesting about this picture is not so much the drawing, but the words written inside of it. I am unsure if it will be legible when printed in the hard copy of Nails Jane, much less in the ebook version. Nonetheless, I want it in the book. Consider this my way of leaving behind puzzle pieces to the story.

For your convenience, and as a “thank you” to all those kind enough to follow up with the book prior to publication, I will post what is written inside of the handprint. The bulk of my newer readers may not know what it says once they purchase the book. YOU (now that you’re here…) will.

What is written is a short vignette on Death. It was a free-write, unedited and raw. Just a free-flow of thought, reflecting themes throughout the book.

Written Inside of The Hand:

“There was a place in a world a long time ago where the child felt darkness creep over his body in the calm of the night. And that child awoke, crying out into the blackness that veiled his eyes, asking it what it wanted. And so it told him that it was his time to die. To be lost and forgotten inside of a dream, shadowed by a sadness that squeezed the child’s mind. In the hum of his vision the boy wept. For he was given a sign to execute his own suicide, driven by emptiness and voices that called out in the night. Then he wiped his tears and looked down at his hands. How they reminded him of his father’s hands. How could he use these hands to take his own life? And so, the boy cried out into the shadows that stood before him. He objected and said that Death must find him, itself. Do its job and do it right.”




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