by Trista DiGiuseppi

Recently, I created an author page on Goodreads. Hoping to build my fan base, I’ve been spreading the word about Goodreads in general. Goodreads is a wonderful social site based on a love for books. It also helps the average reader keep track of his or her books in line waiting to be read. Some features of Goodreads include virtual bookshelves, allowing readers to categorize various types of reading material.

Goodreads also has a book recommendation service, available to subscribers based on the content they rate.

One of the best, and most important, features of Goodreads is allowing average readers to rate and review books. This allows other readers to scan over details concerning the book, whether they be subjective or objective. And Goodreads also hides spoilers for that particular reviewer who loves to give thorough feedback on every major component of the book.

On Goodreads you can follow author blogs, become a fan of their pages, and interact with the other fans. You can also friend other readers, join virtual book clubs, and view a stream of profile updates from your added friends. You have the freedom to comment on updates, reviews, blogs, and streams.

So please, take a moment to join Goodreads if you consider yourself an avid reader, looking to friend like-minded readers, accrue new book recommendations, and let your voice be heard on books that you love and hate!


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