Project Update

By Trista DiGiuseppi

So, I am in the midst of a few projects. And much like some of the most prolific writers, film producers, disease-curing scientists, and holy men – I work real fucking slow.

Example: Nails Jane took me 7 years to write and a little more than 7 months to publish and distribute worldwide.

But nonetheless, I do hope that the fans I accrue from this major milestone are the patient type. My kingdom for slow, attention-deficit readers. It will take me a long time to churn out additional stories; ones meant to supplement the Nails Jane mythology.

But – splendid news. My brain is already working on them, and I have scheduled weekly writing sessions meant for achieving this goal. And – in my downtime – I will be working on a whimsical story that is indirectly related to this same mythos. It’s not quite long enough to be considered a novel and not quite short enough to be a short story. It’s something in between, bent a little to the left, and maybe let’s just call it “average.” (Did you catch my disgusting joke? I kill me. You can stop subscribing to this blog now. Spare your dignity.)

Anyway, that is my battle plan. I do hope none of my readers die of old age before they see it come to fruition. If this happens, make sure to somehow work me into your last will and testament.


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