Six Letter Press: Utilizing Talent

by JTP – Editor

Consider this a call to arms.

I wanted to share, with you, the Vision established by Six Letter Press. And I encourage you, should you have talents of your own, to see them to their full potential. My generation is so well-educated, skilled with countless mediums, and no stranger to hard work. More than any generation before them, mine has proven the worth of a Do-It-Yourself approach to life.

There are many causes for this incredible phenomenon. None of it was purposeful, but we cannot let this opportunity pass us by. Enough being vague. Here’s what I am getting at…

You Are Educated
You might even be over-educated. Any recent college graduate will verify that the job market is no more sympathetic to college graduates than to anyone else. Some will say a Bachelor’s degree is the new High School diploma. Yes, reaping the benefits of an education has become more competitive. But has the bar been lowered for the knowledge and skills obtained through a college education? I wager not.

Yours is not a stupid generation. In fact, you are incredibly intelligent. But like the housing market bubble, there has been a student loan crisis which has surfaced. While it has resulted in a shaky financial future for our nation, the fact remains that more young people are going to college than ever before. Jobs or not, those educations must be put to use.

You Are Technologically Skilled
You are immersed in new skills and abilities. Take a look at the technological advances in the past 5 years. How about the past 10 years? 15 years? Does the surge show signs of stopping? No. Did you have a cell phone 5 years ago? How does it compare to your phone now? What phone were you using 10 years ago? How did you place calls 15 years ago?

The point I am making is that we are riding a wave of innovation. Young inventors are making their marks with technology in ways that dwarf the Industrial Revolution. Future generations will study this era as a Technological Revolution. Knowing that, doesn’t that make you want to take a part in it?

The average personal computer can act as a Video Editing Room, Recording Studio, Word Processor, and so much more. We don’t even have real-world equivalents to some of the things they can do. I credit the technology to the fall of Record Companies. Not due to file-sharing. No, Napster is not to blame. Recording software is to blame. It’s not that consumers stopped going to stores, it’s that talented artists didn’t need record executives. Now, I never wished such a decline for record companies, no, but seeing what my generation can do in their own homes is incredible. With the dawn of the internet and eReaders, the publishing industry better change their mission/vision or else they are going to go the way of the record company. Not because people aren’t reading. No, because writers have the ability and now the means to surpass the middle man.

You Are Multi-Talented
You can multi-task like no generation before you. This is also due to the advent of new technology. You can focus on several things at once. You can act as writer, website manager, and PR representative all in one day. You are more capable of filling multiple roles than any generation before you. When two or more of you assemble, you can fill anywhere between 4 and 10 roles. You can be your own company. You can take the photos, crop them and edit them, upload them to web servers, and share them with thousands of people through links and emails.

What might have once taken a small team of people is now something you can handle on your own. You don’t need to hire outside help because you can write the script, shoot the footage, and edit the film on your own. Technology has helped you achieve this, yes, but so has years of practice. You did not know it, but you have been doing since you were a child. You did it in school. You are still able to do it, even now.

You Are Needed
The world economy is desperate. The formulas and templates that once worked have collapsed. The old business structures and financial strategies have become obsolete. It happened out of nowhere and has devastated The United States, Europe, and much of the world. It is not enough to say “Let’s think outside the box”. Let’s face it – if you do not make an effort now, things will just get worse. Some generations before you had it easier regarding the job market, world economy, state of foreign policy, price of homes, etc.

You have the education, technology, skills, and motivation.

This has been the drive and purpose behind Six Letter Press. You also share in the wealth of untapped resources of your generation. Even if you are not of my generation, unless you are completely comfortable with your life and accomplishments, you have the opportunity to share in this historical paradigm shift. Doing “it” yourself is more important, now, than it ever has been before.

Anticipate the future: A PDF demonstrating the future of science.

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