a short story by the Editor, JTP

Once upon a time there was a man with one million dollars – Bruce Wayne! He lived in Gotham City. Nobody knew this, but he was a superhero named Batman. He would only dress up as Batman at nighttime. When he did he looked for bad guys.

Bad guys are easy to spot. They steal things from buildings and put them into their getaway vans. Sometimes they kill people. Sometimes they kidnap kids. Bad guys do this at night so no one sees them but Batman does because remember I said Bruce Wayne would dress up as Batman at night to look for bad guys.

And he found them! Sometimes the bad guys were really dangerous. They were easy to spot because they wore funny costumes or had funny names like The Joker who was a clown and The Penguin who was a penguin. When Batman found those bad guys he put them in a special jail called Arkham Asylum. The they would get out and Batman would find them again!

One night it was a nice night and Batman found two robbers, three murderers, and two drug users. He put them all in jail. Then there was a laugh behind him Batman turned around and he saw who it was. It was The Riddler. The Riddler told riddles to stop Batman like: What cheese is made backwards?

Batman could not go arrest The Riddler until he solved it! Batman thought about it. He knew this was a riddle and not a regular question so Batman thought literally. Was there a cheese called ‘eseehc’? That would be the word ‘cheese’ spelled backward. That did not make sense. Then he thought what if the word ‘made’ backwards was a type of cheese. He found a pencil and wrote it down: ‘edam’. That did make sense! Edam is a type of cheese!

He went and found The Riddler and said “I know the answer! It is edam cheese. It is ‘made’ backwards!” The Riddler got sad because he knew he had to go to jail. Then Batman brought him there.

Another exciting night come and gone for Batman. His life was not an easy one but he knew it was his duty to keep the city safe from criminals. He went home and took off his clothes that made him look like a bat and then he went to bed. He would need rest because tomorrow was his birthday.


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