Trystä Fyrretræ (Author)

Trista is native to St. Louis, Missouri, born sometime in the Spring.

She attended Catholic parochial school from ages 5 to 18. She maintains a place in her heart for its colorful history, architecture, and unyielding stronghold on christian teachings worldwide, though she, herself, does not practice religion.

At age 12, Trista was informed that her 18 year old brother was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer – Glioblastoma Multiforme. At age 15, Trista buried her brother. (He died 5 months after his 21st birthday.) This incident sent Trista on a scavenger hunt through her brother’s old things, discovering his love for fantasy novels, gaming/roleplaying, science fiction, as well as his amazing talent – drawing. She discovered, much too late, the two of them had so much in common…

During high school, Trista was rather socially isolated, dressed in black, and frequently referred to as “Death.” At one point she was coined as a lesbian, and had received numerous death threats on account of the rumor. In her upperclassman years, she joined a writers guild as well as the National Art Honors Society, and from there her talents did not cease.

Trista graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and studied Psychology, Writing, Studio Art, and Anthropology. She worked in Special Education for ten years, teaching children with autism how to read and write.

She happily resides with her husband – a man of education, performing arts, and theater sound design – in St. Louis.

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The Complete Oeuvre of Trista DiGiuseppi:

“The Accidental Immortal” (short story, Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy. Available on Amazon and Smashwords)

“And the Moral of the Story Is…” (short collection/vignettes, Genre: Poetry/Fantasy. Available on Amazon and Smashwords)

“The Silent Princess” (short story, Genre: Dark Fantasy/Fairytale. Available on Amazon and Smashwords)

“Click” (short story, Genre: Horror. Available on Amazon and Smashwords)

“Nails Jane” (full length novel, Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy. Currently Unavailable; Publication date scheduled for Nov. 24th.)


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