Soundtrack for The Glass Menagerie – by Tennessee Williams

The following previews are songs being considered for The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. These songs are for previewing purposes only.

AVE MARIA – (Pg 30)
Two variations on Ave Maria. Still looking for different variations. May add a “vinyl” effect.
(A) familiar melody at 00:00
(B) less familiar melody at 01:10. A bit darker, less conventional, but thats not a bad thing…


Dardanella – (Pg 57)
Here are 4 takes on “Dardanella”. All of them already a bit scratchy.
A) Bob Haring’s Velvetone Orchestra
B) Gladys Rice and Vernon Delhart
C) Prince’s Dance Orchestra
D) Raderman jazz Orchestra


La Golondrina – (pg 84)
Here are 2 takes on La Golondrina, though only the first is a waltz, as the script calls for.
A) Max Dolin’s Orchestra
B) Juan Arvizu


Main Theme – (Pre-show, pages 10, 32, 82)
These clips are possibilities for The Glass Menagerie Main Theme, or they could possibly be used elsewhere. They were chosen for their cinematic/soundtrack feel. They can be filtered as needed to sound more dated (scratchy vinyl, etc.)

A) Piano/Clarinet/String Trio* – dramatic and beautiful stripped down tone 
B) Frost Waltz I – more busy and upbeat, but I like the glass/crystalline sound of the bells and strings
C) Frost Waltz II – like previous, but less busy
D) Open Eyes – pretty, fast, urban
E) Ruminations* – somber, building, bittersweet, can be used to build up or settle down
F) Arcadia – more ethereal, again I like the chimes which make me think of glass, ha ha
G) Water Droplets – dramatic piano, cinematic, but seems a little bare by itself

*I particularly like these as far as a main theme goes


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